Winters are cool and summers are hot!!!

You get sunshine throughout the year in Kyrgyzstan; it is a country distinguished by low rainfall and plenty of sunshine as it has been cut from the ocean and located in the heart of the continent totally surrounded by the mountains. The rivers are all a result of melting of snow from the mountains only; one can plan a stay for months here since the weather is mostly favourable with sunny days starting from spring till late autumn. The Kyrgyzstan climate is continental with warm summers and cold winters which means that you would get to see snow capped mountain peaks in the winters along with heavy snowfall. 85% of the total mountainous region of Kyrgyzstan lies over an altitude of 1000 metres and 40% is almost over 3000 metres. There is a great diversity noticed in the climate of Kyrgyzstan that is at the same time, the temperature differs in the terrain and as you climb on the mountains. In the summers, it can get very hot however at higher elevation; you can experience a drop in temperature.

It is considered to be the greenest country in Central Asia as most of its lakes and rivers are fed by the glaciers i.e. they are formed with the melting of snow in the mountains. The mountain lovers can enjoy the snow covered part until June at times and the heavy snowfall is a big time attraction for many skiing lovers as well. The snow can be enjoyed on bright sunny days as well as Kyrgyzstan has almost 245 sunny days in a year. If one plans to restrict the stay for plains only then they can pass the summers in normal summer clothing however if they plan to go to heights then they would require warm clothes for cold temperatures.

Snowfalls are heavier and rainfall scanty

The period from May to October is the best time for the tourists to go explore this country as most of the places are accessible however the other part of the year might restrict the movement of tourists. June to September attracts trekking lovers; July and August being the busiest months for foreign visitors. The mountains make the weather of Kyrgyzstan varied and not only this, you get to experience different climatic conditions on the different sides of the same mountain i.e. one side might have heavy precipitation however the other one will have scanty rainfall only. The climate of Kyrgyzstan can be considered to be highly volatile and uneven but this is what makes it a unique tourist destination. The precipitation rate is lesser on the plains as compared to on the mountains which make them colder. There are heavy rains, storms and snowfall in the country which come with the western winds.

In the lowlands, the temperature ranges from around -6 degrees in January to 24 degrees in July however the highlands experience a temperature from between -20 degrees in January to 12 degrees in July; not to forget that some high mountain valleys can have temperature as low as -30 degrees in winter. Rainfall is scanty however there might be heavy snowfalls during the winters. The driest region is the southwest shore of Lake Issyk-Kul and the wettest being the mountains above the Fergana valley; the wettest months are March to May and October to November. Spring and autumn are considered to be the best times to visit Kyrgyzstan as other parts of the year are either too hot or too cold.


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